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perhaps he would make this route to wait for the next tornado. A flash of lightning flashed very close to the ground, causing loose ground to burst explosively into the air. A great thunder followed a moment later to echo as a rolling echo, ever quieter. Robert shuddered. The cold crawled under his torn clothes. Shivering, he folded the collar of his leather jacket. Although it was summer, the temperature was below the freezing point. If, however, the blizzards suddenly stopped suddenly, the frost could bite violently with minus fifty degrees Celsius. The cold came so suddenly that the clothing soaked in the rain was instantly frozen on

the body. Robert had often tried unsuccessfully unsuccessfully to peel usable garments from the corpses corroded by frost. He had to continue because he would need hours, maybe even days, to get to the exchange. This place was the only place in this damn world that was quite safe and where the survivors could meet and exchange. He could barely breathe against the tempestuous wind, his chest raised and lowered heavily, to be able to press the exhausted breathing air out of his lungs. Since the poles had melted and the earth was in a state of misery, chaos prevailed. At some point, this world would not go any further.
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