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Guestbook for Father’s 80th birthday
Vernaline Thompson-Rountree and Roy Rountree(non-registered)
Wow! I knew it was going to be nice and I really wanted to be there in person but you know "Rona" made us remain in Florida. I was so surprised and happy when we received our gift bag via USPS on Saturday. That was so special and Betty sent me pictures as the night began and that made me feel as if we were part of the party.

Was I ever surprised and happy when Leonard Jr. gave us a Facetime call and I was able to see everyone at the party even though I had just put drops in my eyes and forgot to put my glasses back on LOL! So YES, I was there!!!

Lynette obviously went all the way in planning this fantastic party for her dad. She deserves all the credit. I loved it.
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